What are the Prime Features of a Medical App?

Medical apps refer to software programs that provide healthcare services on smartphones, tablets, and other portable communication devices. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration defines medical apps as software on mobile devices that transforms smartphones into regulated medical devices, enabling secure and timely remote care delivery.

Medical apps help both patients and providers. The former can maintain, monitor their health, and follow a healthy lifestyle using these apps. While the latter can optimize healthcare operations and provide quality patient care.

medical device app development

1. Electronic medical record accessibility

2. Appointment scheduling and rescheduling

3. Appointment management

4. Lab test result accessibility

5. Medication and appointment notifications

6. Medicine ordering and refilling

7. Sharing, collecting, and storing medical reports

8. Doctor profile and credentials availability

9. Virtual consultation and care deliver

10. Geo-location tracking

11. Health monitoring and tracking

12. Healthcare educational content obtainability

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