Claiming Injury Compensation After a Pedestrian Accident

Only in 2018, there were 332 pedestrians killed in a road traffic collision in Canada, according to Transport Canada. And the number of injured is yet significant and alarming. However, what to do if an accident happens? – claiming compensation, maybe!

But what is the process of claiming injury compensation after a pedestrian accident? We'll reveal that in this article. Keep reading till the end.

What Is a Pedestrian Accident?

A pedestrian accident defines the situation between a passerby and a vehicle, especially where the vehicle hits the walker that is legally compensable.

Whether it's a daily walk or passing by a road, a car hits you. The accident might be severe or a minor scratches. This is the simplest example of a pedestrian accident.

So the first thing you can do is examine your physical condition. Ask for medical help if needed. And finally, you can ahead to claim accident compensation.

How to Claim Injury Compensation After a Pedestrian Accident?

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Here are the steps to follow in general –

Seek for Medical Treatment and Report the Police

To claim compensation, the act of the driver had to be legally compensable. You need to prove that the driver is guilty and legally liable.

Before you can make a personal injury compensation :

· Ask for a medical team to get the treatment of the initial injury.

· If the physical damage is a minor one, go for taking the first aid immediately.

· Let the doctor check your medical condition properly.

· And for more severe conditions, go for long-term medical assistance.

Now you can report the police and legal authority for the initial record keeping. Tell the police what has happened. Police will look for every detail, so try to provide the proper evidence to the legal authority as much as possible.

Evidence Collection and Footage Recovery

Ensure that you have the information and necessary details of the car or vehicle you have hit by. For further proceedings and claiming compensation, it will be better to have enough information about the relevant parties.

Collect the incident footage – it can be from the witness or footage from the nearest CCTV camera.

Types of Injury You Can Claim for Compensation

The injury can be of any type. Being a victim of a pedestrian accident, you can be under severe mental or physical loss.

The most common types of injury include:

Physical Injury

It can be any damage for which you can go for legal action or ask for compensation. Some injuries can be severe damage to your legs, blood clots in any part of the body. Even severe brain injuries can happen, which may cause long-term casualties.

Metal Shock

Sometimes, you can be a victim of mental trauma in the post-accident period. The accident may not put you in some physical damage, but a sudden change of the situation around you can be emotionally traumatic. Be very swift to take necessary medical under any of these circumstances.

Death of a Pedestrian

As we already said, a pedestrian accident can sometimes bring a person to the end of his life. The situation can be dire, and a walker's injury may be too harsh to tolerate caused by the driver's unawareness.

Claiming Injury Compensation: What to Look After

By issuing a case, you can get the rightful compensation for any level of injury. However, keep the following things in mind during the legal process.

Explain Why Is the driver guilty?

The accident can happen at any time under any given circumstances. However, we can specify some reason when a driver can be guilty. Such as:

· If the driver hit through the neighborhood

· Unaware of looking for playing kids near to the road

· Unware to identify the pedestrians standing on at the side or corner of the crossing

· Hit the walker walking through the intersection

In any of these cases, the driver will be guilty of hitting a pedestrian with his car. The final decision will be made by a legal authority or professional.

Compensation Amount

Generally, the compensation amount will be determined by the amount of physical injury and the severity of the loss. There can be other issues and procedures and the interference of the legal body to determine the absolute recovery amount.

Your lawyer might help you determine the right amount for the accident.

What Can I Receive as Compensation?

physical loss and health imbalance

Through the legal procedure, you can recover a sufficient amount of financial assistance, including your medical treatment fee, fees for several other expenses you made for your injury recovery, long-term joblessness fees, and so on.


In an unusual situation like a pedestrian accident, mostly a walker is the person in the loss. Through keeping the records of the incidents and witness testimony, you can recover some damage fees under legal and professional intervention, which will help normalize your personal life. However, taking help from a legal professional might bring you justice protecting your rights.

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