Agathis lanceolata - Serpentine forest kauri, Koghis kauri, Kaori de forét (French)

Conservation Status

Red List Category & Criteria: Vulnerable

Agathis lanceolata has a history of exploitation for its timber and has undergone a decline in its extent of occurrence (EOO), area of occupancy (AOO) and quality of habitat. Its EOO is estimated to be 5,378 km², based on herbarium specimens and field observations. Overexploitation has led to a significant decline in numbers of individuals, habitat degradation and habitat conversion, extent of occurrence and area of occupancy. The subpopulations are severely fragmented, as more than half the individuals are in small and isolated patches. The estimated total population is less than 10,000 mature trees. Each of the main subpopulations contains much less than 1,000 mature individuals. Taken together, these data indicate an assessment of Vulnerable.

Agathis lanceolata is concentrated in the southern massif of New Caledonia with outlying localities in Province Nord on the Boulinda and Mé Maoya massifs and the Col Maré. Occurs at altitudes ranging from 200 to 1,100 m.

The total population is estimated to be less than 10,000 mature individuals with no subpopulation with more than 1,000 individuals. A large emergent tree restricted to dense humid rainforest on ultramafic substrates.

The species has a history of overexploitation. Although plantations have been established, illegal logging is still a problem. Habitat fragmentation due to the effects of repeated fires and land clearance is another problem with most subpopulations restricted to fragments of primary forest, generally in sheltered valleys.

This species was heavily exploited for is valuable timber, especially in the 19th and 20th century. Plantations have been established in southern New Caledonia.

Four of the main subpopulations are protected within reserves at Saille, Rivière Bleue, Mt Ongone and Thy. These are all low altitude sites in the southern part of its range.

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