Free Kayaking Options in New York City

Summer has hit the city and it is heating up quick! What better way to cool off than to grab a life jacket and enjoy the cool breeze off the Hudson and East River? Kayaking season is typically May through October. Here are three options for free kayaking this summer in the city: 1. The New York City Downtown Boathouse Located at Pier 40, Pier 96 and West 72nd Street, you can kayak in the Hudson for 20 minutes at a time (you can stay in the water longer if there is no one else waiting) For more info: 2. Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse Head over to Pier 1 and 2 in DUMBO to kayak in the East River for 30 minutes. The wait is often long, so plan accordingly! 3. Long Island City Community Boathouse Located near Hallet’s Cove, this boathouse also offers free tours if you sign up with your group ahead of time. Check it out here:

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