'TheBookOfNames' Book 1 : Attribute 1

and god spoke, saying...

beware of those that possess the same names as previously spoken of in past scriptures, books and biblical teachings...

for they possess a pre-existing stigma or indoctrinated energy that may, and can be destructive if used against a fearful believer, in a psychologically or intellectually abusive manner, or to a person who is of lesser intelligence...

I care for friends, family and loved one's. I'm single and retired, three children all who are nearly grown. I like to write, travel and hang out uptown. I'm a lover of the light, truth secrets and wisdom. Only attracted to woman and love spending time in the night life. I work in law enforcement, I'm a merchant and a market trader and I look forward to exploring the world and creating. life's an experiment... live it...🔭
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