A collaboration poem


when you said,

we are one, even though our body are two

but now is a time,

to say goodbye to you

why, why didn't the time heal everything?

why, why should it be like this?

I still can remember you and our first kiss

we can't be together

cause now is the time to leave you, forever.

you made me feel like i don't belong to you

And that's the reason why still now, I feel blue.


you said goodbye, and it killed me inside

'cause I don't know weather to step or wait

I'm not ready to let go nor to forget

But you made my love turns to hate

Thank you still, for those sweet memories

And most especially, for your last goodbye kiss

Sorry because I didn't tried my best

Forgive me for being such a stupid mess.

You've painted my life with the most beautiful colors and hues,

But why do you have to leave me with nothing but these gray and blues?

Differences and sensitivity wich divided us,

Our sparks were slowly disappearing like our love that substracts.

My smile is fake as your promises,

I was trapped inside my own cage with a key of a lock that doesn't exist

Each time someone leaves, I can't help but just to reminisced.


Transformation When a flower grows it blooms. When a butterfly grows it flies. When a plant grows it becomes a fruit. Transformation is a process. It takes time. it takes strength. It takes patience. Sometimes you need to open up. Sometimes you need to go through darkness. but the fruit will always come. And when you transform, you become beautiful. you become free. you become delicious. - Nolwenn clerbout
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