My sweet loving soulmate

I feel connected, wired, entwined with you

Beyond the thread that ties soulmates

I feel you within me, or could I be within you?

Our souls’ vibe is unique

Ditto for our souls’ imprint and qualities

Your tenderness towards me is divine

A soulful love has no chains

It extends beyond time and space


Hence, it’s sacredness and purity

You are me, my soul mirror

Through you I see the beauty of my soul

Its humanity and authenticity

Nothing compares to the greatness

And importance of your love in my life

If you say it’s a love declaration

I call it love declaration, appreciation,

Gratitude, respect and recognition

Transformation When a flower grows it blooms. When a butterfly grows it flies. When a plant grows it becomes a fruit. Transformation is a process. It takes time. it takes strength. It takes patience. Sometimes you need to open up. Sometimes you need to go through darkness. but the fruit will always come. And when you transform, you become beautiful. you become free. you become delicious. - Nolwenn clerbout
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