Growing Raspberries For Beginner Gardeners


growing raspberries

The first thing you need to grow any type of plant is a well-prepared bed for growing. Growing raspberries are no exception to this rule. Before planting, till up the bed making sure to pull out any perennial weeds that you find. As you till, work in some manure or compost to give your new raspberry bushes the nutrition they will need.

soil is particularly acidic

If it does not, you can build a raised bed that will drain nicely no matter how wet the conditions in your area are.

raspberry bushes

First, this is the best time of year to find healthy plants at your local nursery. Second, this gives your new plants the longest season in which to grow. You may find that you even get a few berries your very first summer when you plant early. If you aren’t able to get to planting until summer, don’t despair, you can still plant your berries then – though you probably won’t see a harvest until the following year.

You can read the most detailed Raspberry grow and care guide with more than 50 varieties here:

organic time-release fertilizer

This will continue to provide much-needed nutrition to your budding plants, and you will be much happier with your results.

how to prune your new crop

Prune your one-year-old plants to just below the fruiting area. This will allow them to produce fruit in July. You will find new shoots growing up between the established ones as the season progresses. It is best to thin these out, to give your older stock a better harvest.

The following spring, you will want to clear out the two-year-old shoots and trim the one-year-old ones to below the fruiting area just as before.

So, now you know all you need to know about growing raspberries to get started! Prepare your bed, pick out some plants, and you’ll be on your way to growing your very own crop of raspberries just like the ones I have in no time!

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