Can I Change my Flight Date to Royal Jordanian?

Tips to Change a Flight Date to Royal Jordanian Airlines

After making a reservation with the airlines, if passengers need to change their flight date with Royal Jordanian Airlines, the airline provides such a facility wherein they can easily make changes in their reservation, providing do mention the reasons as well.

Steps Through Which You Can Make Changes in the Royal Jordanian Airlines:

1. Firstly, You have to visit the official site of Royal Jordanian Airlines.

2. Then where you will find the option which says manage my booking.

3. Do click in there. Your reservation will appear, and an edit option will be visible out there in order to make any changes to your existing reservations.

4. Do mention your PNR number as well as the last name of the passenger you do get a reservation for.

5. Do make changes in your flight date and the date you wish to fly on with Royal Jordain Airlines.

6. Royal Jordanians do charge the amount applicable for making changes in your flight date.

7. After making an amendment, you can click on the submit option (Cancellation fees do apply as well).

8. Do click on the submit option soon. You will receive a confirmation stating the fact your reservation is confirmed with Royal Jordanian with the necessary changes you have made.

Royal Jordanian Change Flight Date

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