How to recover a Google account without a recovery email?

If you have lost your credentials and looking forward to recovering your Google account, do not worry. Google gives you several options to recover your account. You can recover your Google account using email, phone number, security questions, etc. This content will let you know How to recover Google account using phone numbers and security questions?

Recover Google account using the phone number

To recover your Google account using your phone number, you must have your registered phone number active. Once you have the phone number, you can follow the steps below.

* Go to the Gmail login page on your system

* Enter the username and click next

* On the new page, click on forgot password

* You will be jumped to a Google recovery page, choose to verify Google account using the phone number

* Enter the phone number; you will receive a verification code

* You have to enter those codes on screen now

* It’s time to reset the password now, create a new strong password, and confirm it

Once done, you have successfully recovered your account

Recover Google account using the security question

* Open the Gmail sign-in page, enter the username and click on forgot password

* On the recovery page, choose the option I will answer my security question

* Answer correctly to go to password restoration page

* create the password, confirm it to recover your account successfully

Google Account Recovery

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