Power Tools: To Repair or to Replace?

power tool repair

The decision will rest primarily on costs. The cost of repair vs the price of a brand new tool with the same characteristics, you certainly do not want to pay more for a repair than for buying it brand new. It is common to see that scenario with cheaper power tools, but when it comes to high-quality power tools, the durability of each part and the lower price for spares make it more convenient to repair.

So do not make a quick decision on the matter. Instead, keep on reading to find out all you need to know to make the right decision. You might end up saving your favourite tool or falling in love with a new one.

What kind of power tools can be repaired?

You can repair every power tool! Interestingly, power tools die because of heavy use and only one of the components breaks, gets damaged, or runs out of grip. Usually, the components that break are:

1) Switch

2) Drive belt

3) Brushes

4) Power cords

That is excellent news for you because you can easily find these parts from power tools online, and you can replace them yourself or send them to a factory authorised power tool repair shop for a replacement.

The most popular brands have excellent availability of spare parts, usually for their more expensive models. Nevertheless, it is good for you to know which power tool manufacturers are the ones that provide more spare parts. The list of manufacturers includes but is not limited to:


· Arbortech

· Black & Decker

· Bosch

· DeWalt

· Dirt Devil

· Dremel

· Fein

· Festool

· Green Machine

· Hitachi

· Homelite

· Husqvarna

· Makita

· Metabo

· Milwaukee

· Panasonic

· Paslode

· Protool

· Ryobi

· Skil

· Vax

Knowing that these brands provide easy access to their spare parts can help you decide which power tool you should buy so that you can rest assured that you can keep your power tool for a long time. That leads us to an important principle when buying a new power tool.

More expensive is saving in the long run


Therefore, when buying a new power tool, don't be cheap! Instead, think long-term and look for a high-quality power tool that, if it fails, you can quickly repair.

Making the decision

Your power tool is now broken, and it is time to decide whether to repair or replace it. What factors should you consider?

Cost of a new tool.

Cost of repair.

How long it lasted before breaking.


Original objective for the tool.

Power tool repair shop.power tool repairpower tool repair pick-ups

What is it going to be?

After carefully analysing the situation, you can make the right decision on your favourite power tool. If it is to replace it, make sure to invest in a better quality power tool that you can quickly repair if it breaks in the future. Remember to do this only if the objective for your power tool remains the same. Also, consider the demand of your tool at your work to see if you need a model from a higher tier.

If you decide to repair the tool, don't leave it in the wrong hands! Instead, take it to a factory authorised power tool repair shop that you can trust.

Where can you go?

power tools shop online


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