HSK 5 Vocabulary 4

1. 奋斗 fèndòu to struggle, to strive 不经过艰苦奋斗就不能胜利。 We cannot be victorious without arduous struggle. 2. 活泼 huópo lively, vivacious, vivid 她是一个思想开阔而又活泼愉快的人。 He's a broad-minded, energetic and cheerful person. 3. 强烈 qiángliè strong, intense 她怀着当一个音乐家的强烈愿望。He has a strong desire to become a musician. 4. 孝顺 xiàoshùn show filial obedience 她对父母十分孝顺. She is extremely filial towards her parents. 5. 得意 déyì to be proud of one's success, be complacent 工作有了成绩,可不能得意忘形。 We mustn't let our achievements go to our heads.

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