Contemporary Screen Prints [Part 2]

Over the last five year, there has a been a resurgence in the use of screen printing by independent artists and publishers who seek to create affordable handmade fine art editions. This album shows a variety of contemporary techniques, style, and methods of screen printing as an art form through a selection of editions published in Brooklyn since 2009. 1. Tonight is Kinda Special by Maya Hayuk 2. Encoded Transmission by Karl LaRocca 3. Encoded Transmission by Glen Baldridge 4. Glsas by Kate Shepherd 5. Peking University '67 by Dred Scott 6. Eneagon Triad #3 by Karl La Rocca 7. Streets of Soho by DAIN 8. Double V by Andrea Bergart 9. Obfuscated Principle C by Craig Taylor 10. Obfuscated Principle C by Craig Taylor Missed part one? Click here:

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