How Do You Maintain Your Brother Printer?

Learn the Steps to Maintaining a Brother Printer

How do I service my Brother printer?

Maintenance Procedure of Brother Printer

Steps to Clean the Printer Exterior:

1. Turn off the printer and now unplug the power cord.

2. Now take out the paper cassette from the printer.

3. Now clean the body of the printer from a soft cloth.

4. Once you have done that, then you would need to dampen the material in the water.

5. Now you can thoroughly clean it.

6. In the same manner, clean the paper guide with a soft cloth. However, make sure that it is dry.

7. Now you can install the paper cassette back in the printer.

8. Now turn the printer back On.

Periodic Cleaning of the Printer:

1. You would need to turn the main power of the printer off.

2. Now open the rear access of the cover.

3. You would need to clean the Rear access cover.

4. Remove the paper discharger and the other parts of the printer.

That is it. Then you only need to fix it all back in and use it again.
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