Case prefabbricate in legno | A-FOLD

Scopri le case prefabbricate in legno A-FOLD, sinonimo di innovazione in termini economici, di sostenibilità e di tempi di costruzione.

A-FOLD, the insurgency of measured pre-assembled wooden houses

modular houses

The association of A-FOLD with UED (European University of Design) this year has emerged with the improvement of imaginative activities of the understudies of the "Item Design" course, under the direction of astounding figures.

Prof. Monica Alegiani and the Head of the Department of Architecture and Design Angelo Bucci are experts well versed in Industrial and Interior plan, with a rich foundation in the plan of keen answers for work on ordinary living conditions.

Foldable home

The A-FOLD secluded house is the hero of the ventures of the UED planners

The progressive A-FOLD home reacts to current lodging needs and expects to advance a practical way of life and thought of tourism . A dream that enlivened the youthful creatives of UED to configuration plan and utilitarian furniture parts, intended to be embedded inside A-FOLD collapsing house.

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