Build your own internet radio station

Out of my personal experience, I am sharing with you my own story & the right process to Build your own internet radio station!RiggroDigital.comRadio Namkeen

I am sharing with you my beginner's guide!

VideoIt is a very simple 9 step formula & you can also build your online streaming radio station from your home computer in just 10 minutes!

decide your online radio station's theme & concept! Example

who are your listeners are?

catchy name for your online radio station

Besides, make sure you create a stunning logo for your online radio station.

Music licensing & Legalities-

Automation Software-Riggro Cast,

Riggro DigitalRiggro Digital

Last but not least having the right studio equipment setup list-Starting your internet radio station

Start Your Internet Radio Station with Riggro Digital & Be a Boss! Start your Media Career with India’s No. 1 & the Global leader in Internet Radio Broadcasting!
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