What Makes Cardboard Postal Tube Stands Out?

Though we are using emails and text messages in today’s time to communicate and interact, the importance and effectiveness of the traditional post and courier cannot be disdained. 

There are different packaging and mailing boxes and covers are available but postal tubes stay out in the array with their distinct properties, shape, and benefits. 

cardboard postal tubes,

What Are Cardboard Postal Tubes?

Postal tubes are cylindrical cardboard containers made out of wood pulp fibers used for mailing and shipping documents, posters, and other items. Available in different sizes, large postal tubes are best suitable for mailing small, delicate items and provide a very confined space to hold the stored items firmly that helps prevent any damage during shipping.

A larger mailing container such as a box can be used but typically costs more than cardboard postal tubes in the UK.

Cardboard postal tubes are usually used for documents, magazines, painting, letters, and other items that easily fit in the cylinder. 

These tubes feature spiral binding of the cardboard that gives the extra durability and prevents the tubes from getting broken or damaged. 

Avoids creation of fold lines 

Prevent crease marks

Keeps document flat

Available in a wide range of lengths and diameters 

Tubes are sturdy

The postal tubes are widely used because it protects the bumping, dentin, and dropping that occurs during the shipping of the package.

As compared to other packaging and mailing materials cardboard postal tubes are dense, thick, and strong. Its cylindrical shape provides more strength and protection than commonly square packaging boxes, so it is advisable to use it for valuable and important belongings. 

Items like blueprints, signs, banners, posters, artwork, pencils, fragile items, and paintings are usually shipped using postal tubes in the UK.

Advantages Of Using Cardboard Postal Tubes

Protects Document

A box or envelope can’t provide the appropriate protection that is needed for some important documents like a graduation certificate. If it is shipped or mailed in a normal envelope, it could get bent if it’s in an envelope.

Postal tubes are ideal for important documents as you don’t have to fold the document to get it in the shipping tube. 

Send Stand-out mails

Items that are shipped in commonly used envelopes or packaging might just look like the other packages your client is receiving. 

To make an impact or to make your client first check your shipped document, the first cardboard postal tube is the best choice to impress the receiver. 

These tubes are sure to make a statement ensuring that your mailings won’t just be ignored as they stand out from other mailing materials.

It Is Cost-Effective

The folders or envelopes that need to be used are typically costly, making the shipping cost of documents relatively expensive. 

Using shipping tubes to send out documents or other items is more cost-effective if compared with other packaging materials.

Shipping Tubes Improve Aesthetics

Postal tubes are undoubtedly eye-catching as they are uncommon as compared to boxes and envelopes. 

The interesting shape of the mailing tubes makes them reflect your business’s brand, making them more visually appealing.

Why Postal Tubes?

If you are looking for a packaging material that protects the items inside it like maps, documents, plans, certificates, and blueprints and makes them appear nicely to the receiver then cardboard postal tubes are an ideal choice.

You just need to pick the postal tube of an appropriate size and dimension that is best suitable for the size of items and documents you want to ship.

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