G-Dragon Thinks T.O.P’s Body Is Erotic

Big Bang’s G-Dragon confessed that he saw T.O.P’s body and felt that it was erotic. For the episode of SBS “Strong Heart” G-Dragon said “When I see T.O.P’s body I think it is erotic” to the shock of everyone on set. G-Dragon began by explaining, "T.O.P rarely ever exposes his body. He prevents exposure to the point he normally uses his own private dressing room. So when there are times that his body is exposed, it’s pretty surprising." He continued, "When we were promoting overseas, T.O.P revealed his body, and when I saw it, even though we’re both guys, I thought it looked erotic." G-Dragon also shared, "When T.O.P returned from his work out, he asked us to feel his body. Even Taeyang and Daesung, who’ve worked out a lot, don’t ask us to do that," which embarrassed T.O.P

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