What are the features of On Demand Video interviewing Software?

With human psychological and technology-enabled assessment factors, an on demand video interviewing solution provides recruiters with automation and accurate analysis in every stage of the hiring process. Below are some of the intelligent features of video on demand interview software to better understand its functionalities.

Job Posting Management

Job description development, sharing, and management include a long list of tasks behind which most recruiters spend much of their time. On-demand video interview solutions can speed up this task with their job description (JD) templates, third-party site integration features.

Using JD templates, recruiters can create comprehensive and attractive JDs in seconds. They need to put their requirements, and the video on demand interview will automatically form JDs for postings. Moreover, recruiters can track job boards, job sites, and others from a single platform using third-party integration facilities. Furthermore, they also get complete visibility of the number of applicants and manage them accordingly. Hence, video on demand interview software enables recruiters with a smooth path to job posting management.

Resume Sifting Automation

With a lot of applications for a single job position comes a lot of data reviewing. Recruiters spend hours finding the right applicant that meets their required criteria. It is pretty similar to finding a needle from a haystack. With an on demand video interviewing system, recruiters can streamline this whole process using ML algorithms and text analysis.

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