Walkers Crisps Ready Salted 6 Pack

Crisps Ready Salted crispy bacon flavor and these are frazzles in the Crisps Ready Salted bacon so I wanted to trust she's sent me some different chips the reason I put these together is that I want to compare and see which brand we like better and it lastly has Jacobs mini Cheddar's so which one do you want to try first we wrote a cheddar for the chatter part okay um each packet is 128 calories nothing to matter and everything calories it's good there was so much about it just the ingredients in this list Center cheese all three of these chips were made in Leicestershire sir so we made sure that we looked before your purse oh I was expecting squares like Jesus yeah yeah what Google around crackers so I brought them but that Jade tastes like up no mm-hmm except a texture that the crackers will do the textures different the texture reminds me of a hog cracker down but the flavor is dead on a cheese.

If you don't get cheese nips they're definitely close yeah that's pretty close and if we did a review on cheese necks and if you watch that they look completely different here than laced yeah those are a little crunch here these are more like things that like a club cracker right or the cheese bar on whereas those are really Walkers Crispsthose I don't know if they're strong they're not quite strong but that cheese flavor here mom it is good it's very good okay we have two different kinds of crispy bacon which one you want Road to let's try the wait crunches energy 449 for the vibe and I'll let show you how they look good now go look for keys oh okay they're like a Cheeto with hollow it's this flavor weighty tubes with a serious crunch they're very crunchy mm-hmm it tastes like bacon bits no MSG cooked with a 100% sunflower oil no artificial colors or flavors so for up high dictation is like bacon eats burnt bone solid like the jars of bacon bits no now that one was better the person.

We got was stronger than the second one I got was better I don't know long huh again that's good it's just that it's not as good as those bacon rashers no no those are awesome um this one's Smith's frazzles it is calories its Walkers UKbacon-flavored corn schnapps and these look like on the pockets like look like those risers so we'll see how they look when you actually take them out they're just yellow okay they have your yellow with little red streaks it's all red you with little red streaks to them the other one actually looked like bacon these come on y'all oh I like this one better I do we do not very strong the bacon player doesn't yeah that you don't that remind me what your textures reminds me of a bugle of it yeah a bugle I can see that they're very salting mm-hmm I don't really taste a lot of bacon them they taste like they were they just tasted like bugles.

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