i have been reading about the T-ARA news, especially on the Korean sites, and I feel so so so so angry. I dont understand how things could have come to this stage -- how could CCM have allowed such levels of bullying for SOOOO long, how could they just fire one member and give completely ambiguous (and unbelievable!!!) answers, how could the entertainment industry condone companies like CCM. its just TERRIBLE. another horrible horrible side of the kpop industry. As a kpop fan, all I can say is that... I AM SICK OF ALL THESE LIES!!! everything that CCM has said so far is completely unbelievable, and there are rumours EVERYWHERE, and I hate how they can just destroy someone's career at the snap of the fingers. So this time... I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!! Let's start a petition everyone!!! Just leave a comment below, and write your thoughts on this whole giant T-ara debacle, and most importantly... let's ASK FOR THE TRUTH!!! we have all been T-ARA fans, we have all been supporting kpop, the very least we deserve is THE TRUTH. What I will do is then send this card with ALLL our comments to T-ARA. I'm living in Korea, so I'll print everything out and send it STRAIGHT TO THEM. They should know how much they are hurting their international fans. The netizens in Korea are all posting lots of stuff on the T-ARA me2day and naver sites, it's hard for non-Koreans to make our voices heard on those sites, so let's do it here! Let's fight for THE TRUTH!!!

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