Diesel Engine Air Compressors and Reconditioning; A Brief Guide

Oil-free diesel engine compressors

Types of compressor

There are two main categories of air compressors including positive displacement and dynamic. Based on the aspects many categories fall under positive displacement and dynamic.

The categories are based on the features:

· The cooling method, whether it is water-cooled, cooled, and oil-cooled.

· Single-stage, 2-stage, or multi-stage air compressors.

· Depending on the method of lubrication including forced lubrication, splash lubrication, or oil-free compressors.

· Categories based on driver type, whether motor-driven, engine-driven, or turbine-driven.

· Service pressure, whether it is high, medium, or low.

Under the category of positive displacement, reciprocating compressors are the most common type of air compressors. These are either directly driven by electric motors or driven by diesel engines.

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