What to do if your Tier 4 Student Visa is Refused

Having a visa operation refused can be a stressful experience. It can be confusing if one isn't apprehensive of the options or an alternate course of action. In cases like Tier 4 Student visas time is also of the substance. Then we look at the options available to UK visa aspirants who have had their UK Tier 4 visa refused. 

Still, you'll admit a turndown notice from the High Commission, this is known as the Notice of Refusal, If your League 4 visa has been refused. In the notice of turndown, the entry concurrence officer ( i.e. the person assessing your Student visa operation) lays out the reasons for the turndown, the notice of turndown will also specify if the aspirant has any expedient to review the decision, also known as Executive Review. 

As Tier 4 Student visa is part of the points- grounded system visa. Under the points- grounded system, you don’t have a full right to appeal but you can apply for an executive review. 

Executive Review for UK Student Visa Refusal 

If your League 4 visa has been refused an executive review is a way to challenge the decision of the home office. Your operation will be reviewed by the home office officers. Still, it's important for you to know that you can not submit any new substantiation. In order to challenge the decision or fulfil the short comes at the time of the operation. 

You should apply for an executive review within 28 days after you admit the turndown notice from the Home office. You can not add any new substantiation when you file your executive turndown for League 4. 

Still, it'll ask you to shoot in your passport or trip document, If the High Commission overturns your turndown decision. 

The review result will be transferred in the correspondence. You can request only one executive review per turndown. 

There are no freights for executive Review.

File a fresh league 4 Student visa operation 

Executive Review and Pre-action Protocol are primary options available to you if your Visa gets refused under League 4. 

But the coming stylish option available to you is to file a fresh operation. You should strength your operation and fill up all the gaps and loopholes which you had made in your earlier operation. 

UK Visa Appeals and Refusals

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