5 Major Blunders When Creating the Mobile App Mockup

So, you’ve figured out how your App is going to function & look, right? What’s next? Drafting a well-devised makeup, which is a black & white outline of all screens in your mobile App, including buttons and text.

As a piece of advice, the final mockup must be prepared by a professional mobile application development India, otherwise, the entire development process will be impacted in a bad way, and cause delays. The App mock will let you see how your App looks & feels through screen-to-screen layout, therefore, any possible limitation or flaw can be identified at the earliest. The design of the App can be tweaked based on the user experience through the mockup.

A mockup is a powerful means to access the visibility of your idea or pitch your App to angel inventors and drive necessary funds to move ahead with the project. It allows you to obtain valuable feedback on your real, concrete idea.

Today, in this article, we shed light on FIVE top mistakes that most make when creating the App mockup.

Here are the Top 5 App Mockup App Mistakes to Avoid in 2021 & Beyond

# Leaving Out Screens

The biggest of all mistakes is leaving out screens.

The mockup is the representation of every screen in your App. And, if the screens are missing, then the mockup isn’t complete.

The confirmation after signing up? Yes, you need it. The password reset screen? You need this too.

Make sure that all the screens are covered to give your end-users or investors an idea of how the App will look and feel.

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#2 Including Buttons That Don’t Lead Anywhere

Another prevalent mistake many tend to make is having buttons that don't lead anywhere.

Remember, if there is something that won’t be on your App, then you must not include it in the mockup.

All the buttons in the App mockup must be connected logically.

#3 Screens With No Way to Get to Them

This is a kind of mistake when people with experience in creating mockups make.

Before you head on to build the App mockup, make sure you have a deep thought to all the actions a user will run within the App.

This will help you create a mockup, where the screens are seamlessly connected to articulate a story. When you imagine using the App through the mockup, you will discover there will be screens with nowhere to get. And, then you add some buttons for a user-friendly App experience.

#4 Screens With No Way to Navigate

The sticky screens can be identified if you create the full tree of the user App usage behavior.

If you add a button to visit the setting screen of the App, then there must also be a button to navigate out of that screen.

It must be a simple back button or include icons of all the pages in your App. This factor touches upon another crucial aspect, that the screens are not too cluttered.

#5 Not Numbering the Pages

Last, but not least, failing to number the pages can ruin your App mockup. Numbering the pages is imperative to keep the entire mockup organized, and maintain the logical flow throughout the screens.

The App screens must be in a sequence to establish a user behavior.

The screens have to be numbered with regard to how the user navigates through the App.

The first screen should be page number 1. Start with the screens that are crucial to the functioning of the App.

Bottom Line

If you stay clear of these mistakes, you will end up drafting a killer App mockup that meets its primary goal. Make a tangible, screen-to-screen mockup to make your prospective investor understand how great the App would be.

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