Everything You Need to Know About Breaking Away

A break will often form towards the start of a stage, but there are almost always battles between the peloton as to how many riders and how far away they get. On stages with flat finishes where the sprinters will be wanting to take points at the end the sprinter's teams like Omega Pharma Quick-Step will ensure that the break isn't too big and is relatively easy to pull back. On more mountainous stages breaks often have more chances of survival though. As long as none of the GC contenders get into the break the peloton is often happy to let the group go as it will have little to no bearing on the overall general classification. This means that good climbers like Rui Costa are able to get away and take a stage win for their team Attacking and breaking away from the peloton is a key skill if you're racing on your bike. A breakaway that lasts all the way to the finish line is one of the most epic ways to win a bike race. You may not have seen the key moments for attacking and establishing a breakaway as they tend to come early on in race and are often missed by the TV coverage. Here are some strategies behind establishing a breakaway, and how to make sure that your attack is the one that gets away. Chasing down a breakaway is the definition of racing smart. You need to measure your effort, judge the right point to start chasing and communicate effectively with the other riders. Matt Stephens shows you how to do it.

It's not the rider, it's the bike. Refer to the rules.
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