Normcore Summer Wear

Normcore is a supposed trend where people wear 1990s basic clothing in an attempt to be or look more plain or normal. This is a sort of retaliation at a time when so many people are attempting to set themselves apart as individuals. It’s conformity packaged as non-conformity wrapped up in bike shorts and goofy relics from Seinfeld. While all that seems interesting for a minute, I’m slightly more interested in looking good for the longer terms. At the heart of this approach is something interesting. Buying clothing for lasting stylishness is basically the concept of buying and wearing clothing with no obsolescence. This look is more about the virtues of long lasting icons and the simplicity of having a “uniform.” I don’t need a trend or a desire to be noticed to dictate how I dress myself. I dress more for the the idea that I want to be able to look back at my style thirty years from now and be as relevant then as I would be now. That’s it, pure and simple.

I love real fashion. I believe there is a fashion for every age, and every style. Fashion is an art, and one that can and should be adopted by everyone. Being fashionable doesn't mean suits, and I hope the guys of this world learn that.
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