5 Legit Online Money Making Sites

Few weeks ago I wrote an article about making money online. During and after the research I found out that lots of Money Making Websites are overpromising or are straight out scams.

I decided that I would find websites that give results without overpromising anything.

Here is the List:-

LifePoints (

Life Points give money for conducting surveys.


Remeber Min Pay is $10

Transcribe Me (

All you have to do on this website is to write down after listing to an audio file that will be provided to you. The website offers around $20 for one hour of work. But remeber you will have to pass a short test to qualify to be a member on the website.

Toluna (

All you have to do is test the products that will be provided by Toluna. Toluna Influencers is their online panel where not only they Pay you to test products, but also to take surveys, polls and more.

Amazon mTurk

mTurk is the most famous of all hosting hundreds of thousands of tasks every day and seeing very large amounts of money flow through from task providers to task-takers.

Some people make $1,000 of dollars from mTurk and work full time.

Newslines (

Newslines is a crowdsourced news website. It’s organized by topics, which are updated as a timeline through 50-100 word posts about the topic and its details or goings-on.

You can get paid to add these little blurbs, $1 per accepted post.


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