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Remember those bulky, uncomfortable and rather unattractive buff-coloured hearing devices? Thankfully, they’re a thing of the past! In recent years, electronics have been miniaturised to the point where designers have been able to focus more on aesthetics. As a result, people can now lead unencumbered, fully functional lives with a solution that’s so tiny; you’d never know they were wearing one.

Hearing Aids can be classified into 3 groups: Daily Wear In-The-Ear, Daily Wear Behind-The-Ear, Extended Wear.

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Each group may come in different styles.


Daily Wear ITEs

In-The-Ear styles

Invisible In the Canal (IIC): Being the tiniest custom made devices, they offer high cosmetic appeal as they are nearly invisible when worn. IIC styles fit very deeply in the ear canal, allowing the wearer to benefit from the pinna’s natural localization and resonance characteristics. They are typically fit for mild or moderate hearing losses.


Daily Wear BTEs

Behind-The-Ear styles

Slim tube Mini BTE: BTE with ear-mould

BTE hearing solutions fit behind-the-ear and are attached to a soft custom ear-mould. With BTE models, the electronics are housed in a case that fits behind the ear. Sound is directed from the device, through the tubing, and through the ear-mould to the ear. Ear moulds are custom made to fit the contours behind the ear.


Extended Wear

Invisible Lyric Hearing

Invisible Hearing Aid

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