GraphQL Vs REST: Which One’s Best for API Development?

GraphQL is referred to as the revolutionary choice for API design and development. It presents a modern approach over the traditional REST approach for data sending and retrieval over HTTP. Since the REST has been here for a long time now, it has a high rate of adoption while GraphQL is a better alternative that overcomes the shortcomings of REST.


What is an API?

Application Programming Interface or API is a group of protocols to aid in data sending and retrieval in an easy manner. It simplifies the communication between two systems of an app and helps them talk to each other.

REST and GraphQL both are prominent technologies behind API design and development. Both the technologies resolve the same problem but with a different approach. Here are some criteria to choose the best technology for your API development projects.

1. Community Popularity

2. Performance

3. Security

4. Data Fetching

best API development technology out of GraphQL and REST

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