6 1/2 Years Of Selfies Show Life With Mental Illness

Meet Rebecca Brown. A British artist and filmmaker who uses her passion for videography and life to share her past, present, and future. Among other things, she vlogs about her life with mental health issues. Some of these include depression, anxiety, trichotillomania, and dermatillomania. In her words: Q: Trichotillo-what?! A: Trichotillomania. It's a complex hair disorder, where I am compelled to tear it all out strand by strand. It's classified as an ICD (similar to OCD). ICD means impulse control disorder. "OCD" means obsessive-compulsive disorder. Dermatillomania is a condition that causes one to obsessively pick their skin. Be sure that the captions are on during the video, because she has annotated what she is going through at the specific time in the past. What is most shocking is that in her times of feeling suicidal or so depressed that she was hospitalized, she looks almost the same as any other time. You truly never know what someone is going through, and I love that Rebecca is brave enough to share this side of her with the rest of us.

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