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Portable Sauna Steam is a prestigious brand that manufactures top-of-the-line home saunas for consumers. Our customer-focused approach and readiness to always find solutions for the best sauna experience sets Portable Sauna Steam Apart from our competition.

Our Passion, dedication, and experience for making premium portable saunas make sure that you and your family enjoy superior craftsmanship and modern, innovative designs at very reasonable prices.

The Portable Steam Sauna is our way of providing you with the invigorating sensation of a steam sessions in the comfort of your own house. We take pride in sharing our fantastic experiences with our loyal customers.

With the Portable Steam Sauna, you will face the day with a spring in your step and super clean, radiant skin!

Our Story:

Portable Sauna Steam was founded when our founder Sarah Gross MD. found there was a lack of a high-quality portable solution for sauna steam. He was motivated by his personal healing experience with sauna steam at home.

After making a full recovery, Sarah Gross MD. decided to provide a home solution to all the people that could benefit from the amazing power of a home sauna. Today, the Portable Sauna Steam brand is leading the innovation in this category and empowering people with high-end products at reasonable prices.

The Portable Sauna Steam innovation is proving to be so successful for sustaining a healthier lifestyle that the demand for our saunas is increasing day by day.

Our more than 14,000 satisfied customers are a testament to our superior products and friendly customer support. But that is not all! Our free worldwide shipping ensures no matter where you are, we always deliver our product right at your doorsteps, and in case you are not satisfied, we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee!

So are you ready to experience the ultimate joy of sauna right from the comfort of your home? Our practical approach and modern designs for portable saunas is the most reliable solution you could ever ask for.

It is a powerful solution that helps relieve pain, fights ageing and heals your skin in just a few minutes. So hurry up and get your hands on one of our ultimate portable saunas right now!

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