How is a Bone Graft for Dental Implants Performed?

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If your dentist suggests that you have a bone transplant in order to use implants in the future, you should do so. You're bound to have some concerns and inquiries.

When first hearing about the technique, it may appear devious and frightening. However, as you get more knowledgeable and comfortable, your concerns give way to confidence.

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What exactly is a bone graft?

A bone graft is a medical treatment in which more bone is grafted to your jaw to provide a secure and warm environment for the dental implant. Implants are likely to be rejected by the body if there is insufficient bone in the jaw.

Depending on the parameters below, a bone transplant may or may not be required in the process of installing dental implants.

Is the bone that is already in place thick enough to support the implant?

Is there enough depth in the bone?

Is the bone sufficiently wide?

If the available bone is insufficient to meet the needs, A bone graft can help increase the chances of the implant being effective.

Bone grafts come in varying degrees. The one you obtain is determined on the current state of your jaw bone.

If a damaged tooth remains in place after extraction, demineralized and sterilised human bone granules will be inserted in the tooth socket.

If you lost your teeth many years ago, you are likely to have considerable bone loss. A slightly more complex transplant operation will be carried out. A small incision is made in the area where the tooth is missing, and bone graft-graft granules are implanted to fill up the gap. In this case, the surgeon might decide to use portion of your bone. It is extracted from the other side of your mouth, usually near a wisdom teeth.

If you have been missing teeth for an extended period of time, progressive bone loss is a risk. This is especially true for persons who wear dentures. Human bone, as well as your own bones, are required in this more extensive bone graft process. A large amount of the patient's bone is required, which is extracted as little blocks from the hip or jaw. It is then attached to your jawbone. Granules can also be used to strengthen and fill up the jaw bone.

It can be difficult to visualise the task that is being performed in your mouth at times.

What Role Does a Bone Graft Play in a Dental Implant Procedure?

When you get your dental implant, you'll have to go through a number of procedures. According to Dental Associates, here is a fast review that will explain how a bone transplant is integrated into the process of having a dental implant and how long you should expect to wait until your new smile is ready.

Dental Exam: You must pass an exhaustive dental exam before you can consult with your dentist about getting a dental implant (s). At this point, your dentist will examine the area around the prospective implant location to see if there is enough bone to support the implant. Your bone's quality and density may be assessed. In many dental facilities, a 3D CT scan may be used to build a personalised treatment plan.

Methods of Preparation: If there is still a damaged tooth in the area where the implant will be placed, it is extracted. The bone transplant operation is usually performed concurrently with the tooth restoration process, depending on the status of the tooth. Before the following surgery, the jawbone will be given time to heal.

Dental Posts are Implanted: Once the bone has healed and been cleared by your doctor, you will be ready for your posts to be inserted. Metal posts are inserted into the bone and will eventually be able to support your permanent teeth. It is possible that the healing process will take several months. Following this point, it is usually necessary.

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According to The Mayo Clinic, the entire process could take between three and nine months, and in certain circumstances, it could take longer. Most of the time, it is required for healing and the formation of new bone within your jaw.

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