How to Fix AVG Antivirus not working

AVG Antivirus is excellent software in terms of removing multiple viruses easily. If you have not installed the AVG Antivirus software up to now, you will not be able to complete the task on your computer device. It is free to download and install on your computer device, however, if you get any message to pay the amount to do the install and download task with the amount, then you can get the full Antivirus to complete the scan task simply.

First of all, open your AVG Antivirus software on your desktop and proceed to the next option.

Press the next button and click the scan button on the computer and click the scan schedule button.

Go to the parameter screen button and create a name for your scan and specify the type of scan that is displayed on the screen.

Now select the Schedule button and click the Done button after completing the task eventually.

It is hoped that you can now use your AVG Antivirus software and then scan your computer device with ease.

Why AVG Antivirus is not working

AVG antivirus not working

Let's try to do some steps to repair Avg Antivirus -

If your computer is infected with a virus, malware, or spyware, it may be preventing AVG Antivirus from running properly. on the Windows computer.

Restart your computer and boot into safe mode by swiping from the upper right corner of your screen,

by clicking on "Settings",

select "PC Settings". And click "Update and Recover"

Then click on "recovery" "Then on advanced startup"

Click "restart now"

When your computer restarts, choose "Safe Mode with Networking" and press Enter.

Once Windows has finished loading, start AVG, select your virus scanning preferences,

Click "Start Scan" to run a virus scan.

All infections found on your computer are sent to the AVG Virus Vault for quarantine or removal.

When the scan is complete, restart your computer, start Windows normally,

Update AVG manually

First, open this page in your browser.

Select your AVG version on the page and then click update to save it to your hard drive or USB.

Open your AVG utility in Windows.

Click Options at the top right of the AVG window.

Then select Update from the directory to open a Browse for Folder window.

Select the folder that includes the AVG update and press the OK button.

First, try to update AVG manually. That's not exactly a solution for AVG automatic updates, but it could at least update the software. This solution shows you how you can update AVG manually.

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