Line to Hook Knots: Centauri Knot

Great for attaching any size mono line to terminal tackle. Can also be used for attaching fishing line to a reel, due to the sliding loop that is formed prior to tightening down the knot. People like this knot because it applies less friction to the line during the tying process in comparison to more complex knots. 1. Thread the line through the eye of the hook and form a loop around the standing line with the tag end. Hold loop in place with thumb and forefinger. 2. Repeat the first step forming a second loop around the the standing line. Again, hold loops in place. 3. Repeat again, forming a third loop and hold all loops in place with thumb and forefinger. 4. Run the tag end through the three loops and form the knot by pulling gently on the tag end. 5. With the knot tightened onto the standing line the hook or lure hangs from a loop. 6. Slide the knot down onto the eye of the hook and trim the tag.

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