Marina and the Diamonds - How To Be A Heartbreaker

Marina gives dating advice in one of her hottest tracks yet 'How To Be A Heartbreaker'. While her first album was just too much for me (as VertigoSchtick wrote "On her debut album she served a batch of largely well-written pop songs like an omelet made from eggs laid by hens in the coop she'd built in the backyard from toothpicks and superglue and cooked on a stove she powered by riding a bicycle backwards, dyed green, put sprinkles on top and a smiley face made of ketchup, and served on roller skates dressed as Bugs Bunny." It was exactly like all of that. In this track, you can tell she's trying to cater for the masses, aiming for airplay rather than anything else and she does it surprisingly well. While this isn't my favourite song in the world, it makes a pretty decent track to run along to.

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