After getting diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes - 1. Health care

Look through your health care plan, and ask these questions: 1. How much is the monthly premium (fee)? 2. What are the copayments for health care provider visits, medications (different ones have different copays), and diabetes supplies? 3. Are there restrictions on the amounts of diabetes supplies you can get at one time and where you can purchase them (a pharmacy or durable medical equipment provider)? 4. Does the plan cover the services of specialists, such as endocrinologists, eye doctors, podiatrists, dentists, mental health providers, and exercise physiologists? 5. What medications are covered? Is there a prescription plan? How often can prescriptions be refilled and where (a local pharmacy or mail order)? IF NO HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE: Check if you are eligible for Medicaid (Low income). Search "[your state name] medicaid eligibility" to find the income range qualified for Medicaid. Check if you are eligible for Medicare (age 65+, received disability benefits for more than 2 years, or has a condition that prevents them from working). Search "[your state name] Medicare eligibility" If you do not qualify for either, check if there is a local community health center that you can visit by searching here: If you have more specific questions, please ask and I will try my best to find an answer for you.

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