Motorcyclists Crashes into Cyclists at Speed

A motorcyclist his two cyclists coming out of a turn on Mullholland Hwy. Thankfully, neither of the cyclists appeared to have any serious injuries. The motorcyclist was not speeding and did not intend to hit the cyclists. Rather, while in the turn the motorcyclist scraped his foot against the ground. In an effort to "rebalance" himself, the motorcyclist over corrected and took the rest of the turn too wide. Unfortunately he did not have enough time to avoid the cyclists. Here is a similar crash demonstrating the same type of motorcycle crash (minus the cyclists): Motorcyclists and cyclists have co-existed on Mullholland Hwy for a long time. start riding with more care. Motorcyclists of all skill levels come up here to ride, hopefully they will understand the dangerous of riding recklessly around cyclists.

It's not the rider, it's the bike. Refer to the rules.
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