VidEra Review

In this VidEra review, we are here to show you exactly the core usage plus the best combination when using Victor Akpos's product. The product as you know is a video funnel builder, so, the best combination should be a video creator because you need a video to upload, share into this tool.

After using tons of video creator online, we decide to introduce the tool Doodle Maker into this introduction. As presently, it's known as some of the best whiteboard video creator and most popular video tool online.

1.VidEra Review - Use it First

Now, this is the starting of your video project. At here, click on Add New Step.

I suggest you to upload a catchy thumbnail in order to become a link preview on social media. For sure, we need to share these on social media to get some traffic.

And the most important part is that you need to upload a video into this place. You can also share link from external tools like Youtube, Vimeo and Dropbox. Besides, you can also record your webcam, do screensharing and import stock footage from Pixabay, Pexels.

Then, you need to choose an action for the tool when video ends.

There's a lot option to choose such as Autoresponder form, Payment button, file upload, multiple choices question, call to action link, external Youtube video, Calendar, Timer, Map and external HTML code (like Virtual tour app, popup or whatever else you have)

Once you finished, just simply copy the HTML code and paste them into your website, landing page.

2.Videra Review - Use with DoodleMaker

At first, choose ways you want to create a video. To create as quick as possible, i choose Use a Ready-Made Template option.

Now, choose the templates from product creator.

And next part, you only need to edit the video slides. Then, export the video once you've finished the process.

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