360Maker Review

In this 360Maker review, we are here to show you the exact way to combine between this tool with another app online. Basically, it's a 360 Product Spin creator and a video creator for 360 degree (full side) of a physical product.

As a spin creator, it allows us to have an HTML code where we can embed these code online. So, the best combination should be a tool that accepts HTML code. After making some research, we decided to introduce the tool Fastpage (dot) io into this article.

1.360Maker Review - Use it First

To start, at first, you need to upload images of a product into this tool. According to my personal experience, you should upload around 15-30 images for an entire look of that product. And you can take a shoot based on your mobile phone.

In the next step, arrange these images so the app will create the best fit for your product tour.

Now, the artificial intelligent technology will turn all the png images you upload into a product spin video.

In this step, you only need to edit the product spin player.

Next, add some Hotspot products into your product images. As a result, this will appear on your Product tour with link, media.

Once you 've finished, you can embed the code into your site.

If you have a custom domain, you can generate custom embed code for that specific domain. The tool basically will host the product spin for you with zero extra cost.

2.ThreeSixtyMaker Review - Use with Fastpages

You've already had a code, now, choose an embed section from Fastpage's page editor wizard. In this code editor here, just paste the code you have collected from ThreeSixty Maker's product tour and then you click save.

So, that's all you have to do, i see this is an easy process that even a newbie, a novice can easily complete.

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4.7 Star App Store Review!
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