How to wash baby clothes?

As a first-time mom, you may wonder how to wash baby clothes, you likely started worrying about cleaning all those dainty mini clothes…Washing your newborn’s clothing isn’t as difficult as you might assume.

Two pieces of advice for you :

1. Pick a fragrance-free detergent

There are lots of brands of detergents in the supermarket, you should choose a fragrance-free one. Some babies can be sensitive to any kind of item with a smell.

It may seem obvious, we’d better clean any type of brand-new garments before they are put on by your child.

I have seen my friend’s baby who wore new clothing given by a member of the family, only to develop a rash after wearing it.

By the way, any type of detergent in the house must be kept out of the reach of small fingers.

2. Baby clothes washed separately

Plenty of parents clean their baby’s garments individually from the remainder of the home’s clothing. That is the right way.

Why? Reasons as below:

super sensitive skin

2) One of your family members may touch dangerous chemicals on the job. To avoid exposing your baby to an irritant accidentally, separating the clothing is the best way.

3)Some people love their clothes with a particular fragrance, so they may add fragrance enhancers to the washing clothing. That is too strong for your infant.

spit up a lot

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