How is Machine Learning used in Data Science?

In today's world, machine learning has become a huge buzzword. Machine learning has existed for a long time. Data science, however, covers a massive spectrum of domains, along with Machine Learning being one of them. Various fields and technologies are included in Data Science. Say, for instance, Statistics and Artificial Intelligence for Analysis of Data, drawing a few meaningful insights.

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Introduction to Data Science

data science or machine learning

Introduction to Machine Learning

You can now use the Data-Driven approach to train machines. If you think of Artificial Intelligence as the primary umbrella, Machine Learning is considered a subset of Artificial Intelligence on a wider spectrum. The machines or the computers gain the ability to learn from data on their own without any intervention from humans as Machine Learning is a set of Algorithms.

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Role of Machine Learning in Data Science

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence overshadow every other aspect of the Data Science field like ETL, Business Intelligence, and Data Analytics, dominating the entire industry.

Machine Learning automatically analyzes larger chunks of data. It automates this process of Data Analysis, making data-informed predictions in real-time without any human interventions. A Data Model is further trained to make real-time predictions as they are built automatically. It is where the algorithms of Machine Learning are implemented in the lifecycle of Data Science.

Steps of Machine Learning in the Lifecycle of Data Science

Data Collection

field of Machine Learningfield of Machine Learning

Data Preparation

The initial step in the overall Data Preparation process is Data Cleaning. It is an important step to make the data analysis prepared. The dataset is out of erroneous or corrupt data points through Data Preparation. The data is also standardized into a single format included here. To be used for the Data Model Training and evaluate the Trained Model's performance respectively through the dataset that is split into two parts.

Training the Model

The learning starts here. For predicting the output value, a training dataset is used. It is this output. It is bound to be diverging from its desired value in the initial iteration. The Machine is made perfect with perfect practice. To make a few adjustments in the initiation, the steps are repeated again and again. For incrementally improving the accuracy in the prediction of your Model, the training data is used.

Model Evaluation

It is now time for the evaluation of the performance once you are done Training your Model. The process of evaluation uses the dataset that was kept aside in the process of Data Preparation. The data has never been used for the Training Model. Therefore, you will get an idea of how your Model is performing in real-life applications when you test your data model against the dataset.


It does not mean that it is ready and prepared to be deployed once your Model is evaluated and trained. The tuning of the parameters can further improve this Model. The final step of machine learning is prediction. The Data Model is deployed in this step and is used by the Machine to learn answers to your questions.

The Takeaway

The article here shows how machine learning is used in data science, along with a few instances in real life. It aided you in understanding how Machine Learning is used in Data Science for the Analysis of Data. It also gave an extraction of valuable insights through this data. This data also briefed you on the workflow of Machine Learning implemented in Data Science. We have also briefed you about the popular algorithms of Machine learning used in Data Science.

data science and machine learning

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