What Is A Scrum Master Role & Responsibility?

A Scrum Master is an intelligent mind and guiding force that simplifies processes for the team and the organization. They support and ensure that the team works, delivers, and succeeds with the agile framework. 

To answer what is a Scrum Master or what does a Scrum Master do? They have sound knowledge of products, operations, business requirements, objectives and ensure that all the stakeholders work in alignment to achieve the desired outcome.

They are one of the most valuable resources for any organization as they have expertise in every core area of business. Scrum Masters are "people's person," they help product teams bridge the gap between multiple teams through seamless communication. Basically, the Scrum Master role is power-packed to lead the team using agile project management techniques and maximize efficiency for the team and the organization. 

But, nothing comes for free; to be a Scrum Master, you need to have exceptional skill sets. Keep reading our next section answers what is a Scrum Master skill set.

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