Windows 365 CloudVirtual Desktop

Windows 365 features and benefits:

1) Scalability and flexibility are among the main advantages offered by Windows 365, allowing users to configure the size, CPU and RAM of their PC in the cloud according to their needs, thus virtualizing their sessions on servers. This versatility will be a direct benefit for all users and IT departments, being able to expand or reduce their processing and storage capacity.

2) Simplicity. Easy management and instant start-up give users the ability to work in the same way they left their previous sessions without the need for previous virtualization experience. IT departments can continue to manage,

deploy or deploy the configuration of any PC in the same way they have done before.

3) Security. Microsoft wanted to develop with W365, a service that integrates the maximum security guarantees for end users and corporations, supported by the principles of Zero Trust with which to host the information in the cloud and not on devices taking advantage of the full potential offered by security solutions in Azure, in addition to integrating two-factor authentication for greater security assurance. The migration and work towards the cloud, will allow many organizations to avoid security breaches on their data and resources hosted on local computers, being easily vulnerable to security attacks.

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