Halle Berry Type II Diabetes

Thin people can have diabetes, too. Halle Berry--the slim, stunning actress--was diagnosed with the disease in 1989. She collapsed while filming a TV show, and woke up in the hospital being told that she had diabetes. At the time, she was diagnosed with Type I diabetes, but since then she has been instead diagnosed with Type II diabetes since her body is, in fact, able to produce insulin. Berry says the information was shocking when she was first told: she was thin, felt healthy, and had no idea that it was possible for her to get diabetes. Later, as she thought back on it, she realized that she had been experiencing symptoms since a young age, but had never realized their cause. Halle keeps the disease at bay by: - Keeping a healthy diet - Using insulin only when needed, but trying to control the insulin naturally - Exercising regularly In addition to managing her own diabetes, Berry has become a spokesperson for diabetes, encouraging those who might be unaware of their condition to aim to watch for pre-diabetes symptoms, because like her, anyone can get the disease.

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