Tom Hanks' Diabetes Success

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks announced to the world that he had type 2 diabetes in 2013. He struggled with high blood sugar since he was 36, but managed to keep from having a full onset until he was 55. Even when sharing his diagnosis, Hanks stayed chipper: check out the video on slide #2 for his announcement on the Letterman Show about his disease. His wife, actress Rita Wilson, noted that Hanks is feeling great and manages his type 2 diabetes with regular exercise, weight loss, and a healthy diet. Hanks himself said that he knew the risks of gaining and losing weight would have something to do with it, but thinks the disease had more to do with him living an unhealthy lifestyle since the age of 7, as well as a hereditary risk. But, Hanks says he can continue manage his diabetes in these simple ways: - No longer gaining weight for roles, not just for his diabetes, but for the stress that it puts on his body - Eating right - Getting exercise - Consulting with good doctors regularly With these tips, Hanks thinks anyone who is pre-diabetes, or already diagnosed, can continue to live a normal, healthy lifestyle.

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