So You Want To Be A Ninja?

While procrastinating last night as one does, I discovered a fascinating TV show: 'America's Ninja Warrior'. Now, before you click out and discard this post, I ought to mention that I hate reality TV and yet, quite obviously from the title, this is in effect a reality TV show. So why did I like it so much? There's none of the bitching or the trivial wishy-washy sob stories that we've grown to expect, instead it's all about the contestants and the course. The idea? Take some of America's best athletes and pitch them against ruthless, ridiculously challenging obstacle courses. The goal? A $500,000 prize pot and the title of American Ninja Warrior. The show is a spin off of the popular Japanese show Sasuke, now on its 30th season. The most inspirational point? This year is the first time a woman, Kacy Catanzaro, a former Towson University gymnastics champion, has made it up the warped wall (running up a 17ft curved wall!), the obstacle which qualifies you for the next round. At 5ft, she is also the shortest contestant to ever qualify for the finals in Las Vegas. I can't quite believe I'm saying this but I think I'm going to be tuning in for the final... Check out the videos of her competing - if you need inspiration to hit the gym, she is your girl. Setting new standards for female athletes around the world and raising the bar, she's a champion for women - She is unbelievable.

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