Finding The Perfect Suit for Your Body Type

Summer is here and we all have the fun, and often frustrating, opportunity to go looking for a swimsuit. It took me about 25 years, but I’ve finally found the cut that works for my (pear) body type and I cringe as I look back at my awkward teenage years of horrible suits and self consciousness. In order to save you all that grief, I have compiled a small list of how to pick the right suit for your body so that you can quit stressing in the fitting room and get to the beach! Pear Pears have larger lower bodies and smaller upper bodies -- storing their weight on the hips, thighs, and butt. - Try swimsuits with more bottom coverage, or embellishment around the waist. Suits with skirts are a great option. - Also try a flashy top and a solid bottom to draw attention towards your slimmer upper body. - Avoid patterns like horizontal stripes. - Do not fear the two piece! Apple Apples carry fat around their middle but generally have a slim lower body. - Get a suit with upper body and tummy support. One pieces are your friend. - Try to find a suit that has gentle folds around the middle. This will create a slimming effect and will make you tummy look much flatter. - Go for the empire waist. This was made for your body type! Athletic Athletic body types have broad shoulders, narrow hips, and muscular legs. - Patterns on the top portion of the suit will help break up your long torso. - Your shoulders were made to rock a halter top. Own it! - Instead of your typical two piece, go for a tankini to compliment your upper body. - Try a one shoulder bathing suit for a unique and feminine look. Hourglass Hourglass women have a curvy upper and lower body, with a small waist. - Don’t be afraid of patterns, they will highlight your curves! - Play around with ruffles. These will compliment your body shape, and plus, they’re fun! - Avoid mix matching colors with your tops and bottoms. - Try a suit with a vintage cut to work with your classic body type.

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