How to change flight date Southwest ?

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Date Policy

How can you change the flight date with southwest?

When it is challenging to meet your original travel date, you can change your flight anytime using the process below.

1. Go to the official website of southwest airlines on your browser

2. Login to your account, else you can go to the My trip section on the homepage

3. Enter the information required on the screen to retrieve your trip details

4. Now select the trip for which you want to change the date

5. Go to the change flight option on the screen and click on it

6. Now on a new page, you can select the new date and do the required modification

7. Once done, pay the change fee if applicable and save the changes to confirm the booking

Make sure you get a confirmation mail from the airline for your revised booking. Having an issue, speak to the reservation department of the airline. Moreover, you can also request the southwest reservation department to change the flight date on your behalf.

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