Does Air India express have web check-in?

Air India express web check-in

Web check-in policy

Various web check-in policies are made to ensure hassle-free Air India express check-in for the passengers. Listed below are some of these policies-

•Passengers can do web check-in starting from 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure up to 2 hours before flight departure for international travel.

•For domestic travel, passengers can do air India express check-in starting from 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure up to 1-hour flight departure.

•Maximum nine numbers of passengers can do web check-in a single PNR check-in.

•Seats selected during the web check-in by the passengers are of no extra charge or cost.

•Passengers are also requested to carry a photo ID card along with the E-ticket or the boarding pass to enter the airport before travelling.

How can I do web check-in?

To complete web check-in through air India express, passengers can follow the steps mentioned below-

•Visit the manage booking section on the official website of the Air India express.

•Fill in the required details like the booking id, first name, and the last name of the passenger.

•Select the web check-in option from the menu. Also, select the passengers you’d like to check-in.

•Passengers can also select the option of changing seats before finalizing the web check-in.

•An E-boarding pass will be issued once the passengers complete the check-in process to carry it at the airport

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