Bass Night Fishing Bait Selection

Bass are going to be relying not only on sight, but on vibrations, to catch fish during the night. * Buzzbaits, Jitterbugs, Crazy Crawlers and Sputter Bugs These are emit a lot of vibrations, which bass will pick up on their lateral line, so they're good as surface lures. * Rapala Rattl'n Raps, Bagley's Chatter 'B' and Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap These are all great sub-surface lures that combine the vibrations they produce with the rattles inside them, and thus do a good job of getting some lunar lunkers. * Big spinnerbaits with large blades put out a lot of vibration that attract a lot of attention from feeding fish * Just like day time, hitting up vegetation can be productive with the following lures: - Spro Frogs - Scum Frog - Booyah Pad Frog - Buzzbaits - Poppers - Darting Plugs Use these where the vegetation hits the open water, because big bass moving in from deeper water to feed tend to hang up here. * A big, Texas-rigged Berkley Power Bait Power Worm or a Carolina rig with a Power Lizard are perfect for targeting summer bass at night.

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